Father Rabbit adores: Eat Here Now

SIMON FARRELL-GREEN and NATALIE SMITH of Eat Here Now invited Father Rabbit to one of their exclusive supper clubs. We were also invited to dress the table. We had a ball…! The food was amazing (Natalie and Simon cooked), the casual dinner party vibe was cool, and the wine lubricated the talk with absolute strangers!

Their website (www.eatherenow.co.nz) is a regular stopping point for me and something I am always rabbiting on about.. I’m always checking it for restaurant inspiration, especially on the hop about town on my phone (starving!).  Beautiful photography, a clear and uncluttered website, critical guides to Auckland’s best … you can be sure to trust these expert diners..the restaurant only makes the cut if it is any good… handy not to have to filter through all the crap and appalling reviews by other diners (as you do on other review sites).. who you have no idea whether you can trust or not?  SIMON FARRELL-GREEN is a former food editor and senior writer for Metro magazine, where he reviewed bars and restaurants for five years after graduating from the University of Canterbury’s journalism school.  NATALIE SMITH has reviewed restaurants for Metro magazine before moving to Sydney, where she worked forRussh and did a stint at an advertising agency – which she hated but funded her way around some of Sydney’s best restaurants. Since returning to Auckland, she has been freelancing for the likes of MetroM2 and the Sunday Star-Times and is a partner in the boutique publicity firm Smith & Sumner. 

 So yes.. they host the aforementioned underground supper clubs …you may have read about them in the SUNDAY magazine. They came over and photographed Natalie and Simon just before the meal.  There is Nick below scoffing oysters.. and our lovely tablecloths, napkins, brown bottles and herb pots dressing the table.

(Photos thanks to Sunday Magazine…an absolute favourite Sunday morning ritual!)

Natalie and Simon have great taste in restaurants.. and we are pleased to announce they love Father Rabbit too! Here are some of our questions..

Best Fatherly advice handed down to you…

Natalie: There are plenty more stars in the sky.

Simon: Zen and the art of backing a trailer, from my grandfather – let the trailer guide you, not the other way around.

Does anyone in your life share the same or similar philosophy as Father Rabbit?

Natalie: Unfortunately, no. I am waging a one-woman battle against plastic and polystyrene.

Simon: My flatmate Liz. She likes flowers in jars and is as OCD about our kitchen bench as I am.

What do you get hung up about?

Natalie: Fresh linen, fresh flowers, fresh herbs, fresh coffee. Glass jars instead of Tupperware. Candles. Creating a thoughtful, welcoming home.

Simon: Knowing where my food comes from – who caught it, who grew it, who farmed it. I can’t stand overpriced, industrially produced meat and produce.  

What needs to be just right in your life?

Natalie: My wardrobe is colour-coded and my books are in alphabetical order (my boyfriend did the books). It makes life so much easier! And I love decanting anything in plastic packets in the pantry into glass jars.

Simon: Steak. I bought a Weber last year and am obsessed with grilling the perfect scotch fillet on the bone. When I don’t get it right, I have been known to go into a decline. 

3 of your favourite Father Rabbit products..


French Duralex Gigogne Tumblers:


These are ideal for red wine or water. I love the sturdiness and how they feel in my hand. They are casual, simple and as far as I can tell, unbreakable!

Linen Tablecloth in Oatmeal:


Throwing this heavy weight linen tablecloth over our dining table and putting a big vase of hydrangeas is my shortcut to dining happiness. It’s my first tablecloth and I love the colour, texture and change it gives to the table.

Fog Linen Chopping Board:


I use this beautiful board to serve cheese and bread; chop small things and just generally decorate my kitchen. It’s only getting better with age and a few scrapes and dings. I know I’ll have it forever. 


Linen table cloths in Oatmeal

Plus the napkins to match. I like a well-ironed shirt but I don’t like ironing, and these look nicely disheveled when left to their own devices.

Tala Cook’s Measure

We had one of these at the bach when I was a kid. I thought they’d stopped making them. Brilliant.

Moleskine Diary 2012

Last year I experimented with iCal. Big mistake.